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How Is Wasi Sustainable?

Wasi Clothing is a Bolivian-American Brown Latina business that cares about the people in this industry. We are a sustainable, ethical and slow fashion brand. Here at WASI, we create low production quantities while also being low waste. Scraps of fabric are kept to recycle and be used for future creative purposes, whether it may be to create recycled accessories, masks etc. Our cut and sew pieces are produced using vintage and deadstock yardage which makes our production limited and low quantity stock. We don't over produce. Wasi also uses recyclable and compostable shipping packages, and aims to use little to no plastic. While being conscious of how we can be more sustainable as each day goes on, we also strive to be an ethical brand that produces clothing from beginning to end with each member of the team being paid fairly and ethically. Every pocket of Wasi is intentional and conscious and as this lil small business grows, we will continue to uphold the model for sustainable, ethical and inclusive fashion.

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