To A New Year January 10, 2018 13:10

Welcome all!

I have decided to start a blog on the website to feature everything going on here at Paragon Desert and this will evolve into more expansion on what I will feature. I just wanted to get the first step towards blogging again like I did back in the day. So cheers to a new year going back to the good ole basics. 

So what is going on for Paragon Desert? 

Paragon Desert for those who may not know got officially started last year in 2017. It has grown into production of all sorts of goodies. It is run by me(Vanessa) and I curate a selection of vintage and antique items from around the world but the main focus is the handmade pieces I release. These pieces are made in very small quantities as a way of being conscious about the environment and not over producing items that will go to waste. Some of the items are one of a kind. I do this because I only source very small amounts of textiles from South America, create unique designs here in Los Angeles and release them to you all who are interested in buying. That is the whole routine here in PD.

2018 goal is to produce more designs and carry more available sizes for all body types. So stay tuned for more stuff coming your way. Slow fashion will be highlighted in 2018. Fast fashion is not the answer for Paragon Desert. This is a small brown business run by a Latina woman that wants to be an ethical brand in all areas of the fashion industry. So that is the updates for now. I will post weekly with fun stuff happening, featuring models, gals, latina powerhouses and more! Here is to another year of doing it right and doing what you love. 


Vanessa of Paragon Desert