About Us


Wasi Clothing is a brown owned business based in sunny Los Angeles, California. It is a one woman business run by Vanessa Acosta, a Bolivian-American designer. Wasi Clothing is a Latina owned business that is putting Bolivian culture on the map. All textiles are personally sourced from South America and handmade from scratch in Los Angeles by Vanessa herself. She strives to represent her roots but in a more modern approach without appropriating a culture that is very sacred to her. 

Wasi Clothing is for everyone. For all sizes, for all colors, for all ethnicities, for all genders. Along with the handmade South American collection, Wasi Clothing also offers vintage from around the world, accessories and brand new popular Frida Kahlo and Cactus matching sets. 

As Wasi Clothing grows and evolves, the more quantity and variety will be offered. At the moment, everything is handmade in limited quantity. Pieces are also made as one of a kind. If you desire a custom piece, or desire a sold out design, don't hesitate to contact PD with a request. 

Contact Information:

Email: wasiclothing@gmail.com

You can find Vanessa on Instagram: @fromabolivian