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Holiday Shipping

Please read the following details for Holiday Shipping! Due to Covid and mega delays, WASI is taking all the precautions so you can get your packages in time this holiday season.

How long it takes for orders to ship/arrive: 
Orders are Processed as they are received. This is still a one woman business so this holiday season orders will approx take 2-4 days to ship upon ordering. Most US orders take about 3-5 to arrive to destination. Please assume your order will arrive within a 1-2 week time frame. 
    Cut off date for your package to arrive in time for X-Mas:

    It is adviced to order as early as possible, to make sure you receive it in time. The cut off date to receive your US order on time is Dec 10th! Any date after that, there is no guarantee you will receive before Dec 25th. Please keep in mind USPS is doing the best as well during this time, if a package gets lost or misdelivered that is out of my control. I cannot control the US Postal Service. 


    When placing an order please be sure to add email and phone number information so you receive your order confirmation and tracking information to get all updates on your order. 

    If for some reason you procrastinated on your holiday shopping(we all do it!) No need to worry, WASI now offers gift cards of all ranges and that's a great alternative! Follow the gift card instructions and gift card is sent via email. 

    Any purchases made before holiday sales are announced cannot receive sale discount. Please review details on emails or social media to know upcoming sales for the holiday season.