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Wasi Clothing gets a lot of questions about a lot of things. So here are the most frequently asked questions! All in one place! 


What is Wasi? 

Wasi is a Quechuan term that means home. It has an extra deep meaning. WASI is a word that was translated by the founder's abuelo(grandfather) before he passed, him and her abuela are the last Quechuan speaking members of her family. Wasi was created to be a home for a lot of folks and a lot of walks of life and that mission and journey continues to grow the more the business grows. 

Can WASI be more size inclusive?

Wasi Clothing is only a 2 year old business and gradually grows and expands as the business grows. Small businesses, especially women of color owned businesses tackle with a lot of challenges that white owned businesses or male owned businesses don't experience. Producing a multiple number of size ranges takes a lot of capital, and venture capitalists do not invest in Latina owned businesses. So WASI is a self funded business that is doing it's best to expand with it's limitations it has. WASI's mission is to grow to be incredibly inclusive for all marginalized communities. This lil clothing brand first started with just one size fits all and only once carried small through large in t-shirts. Since then, WASI has expanded to t-shirts in XS-4XL. Progress is happening, but please be patient with WOC small businesses as they grow, we all have the dream and intention to be inclusive for all. 

Are there more Aguayo designs coming?

Aguayo designs from the past are one of a kind designs and personally sourced in Bolivia by WASI founder.