Pro-Choice Give Back Tee

$ 45.00


Wasi Clothing is beginning a new way of design. Unique one of a kind designs will be produced in efforts to give back to communities. Wasi Clothing has always been a vocal activist brand and it's time to take more action. This line of tshirts will be designed solely for the purpose of vocalizing a social issue, while donating 25% of the proceeds to a specific organization for said social issue.

This first t-shirt was sparked due to the rising number of states that are attempting to ban abortion and overturn roe v. wade. Women are the decision makers of their bodies so this first design of many will be used to donate to the Yellow Hammer Fund with every purchase of the tshirt. 

All original art and photography created by the maker of WASI. All t-shirts are 100% cotton, unisex and multiple size runs. This tshirt was handsketched and designed for women with text saying "Freedom to do whatever I want with my body" 

PRE ORDER* Tshirts will ship the week of June 3rd. 




Small, Medium, Large


Model a small, wearing a medium 

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